Renovate and make your home more sustainable?

Have you bought a home and want to renovate and make it more sustainable? Or do you have plans to renovate your current home and want to make it more sustainable? You have to deal with many parties: the contractor, the installer and, if applicable, an architect. Each of them professionals in their field. But in order to make it more sustainable, it is nice to have an independent expert thinking along with you. Especially when it comes to the architectural and technical side of sustainability.

Effective sustainability for maximum energy savings and comfort

Making your home more sustainable not only means saving on energy costs and reducing CO2 uitstoot. Kiest u bijvoorbeeld voor een warmtepomp, dan is het juiste soort en gewenste vermogen van groot belang. Een te laag vermogen zorgt voor een onprettig woonklimaat in de koudere maanden. Te veel vermogen zorgt voor hogere energiekosten. In beide gevallen gaat het effect van verduurzaming verloren. Dit geldt ook bijvoorbeeld voor de keuze van materialen van kozijnen en glas.

Woondokter's sustainability consultants are independent and have extensive experience and knowledge

Woondokter is an independent organization specializing in advising on home sustainability. Our services focus on all phases of the sustainability process. From orientation to realization you can count on an objective advice. Both architectural and installation technical.

In a number of cases, subsidies are available for making homes more sustainable. Our sustainability advisors will also advise you on subsidies.

Woondokter's consultants are involved in sustainability projects every day. This gives us ready, up-to-date knowledge and extensive experience in making homes more sustainable. We can assess the quotations and technical drawings of your contractor, installer or architect as a second opinion or advise you in the phase before, when sketches are being made.

With our independent position and knowledge of sustainable solutions, you'll get the advice that's best for you and your home.

Service from Woondokter scores high rating

Woondokter's clients rate our services with a 9.2. We operate throughout The Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on how to make your home more sustainable.


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