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Selling or renting out a property? Avoid problems and get an energy label

Every homeowner has received a provisional energy label. This is an estimate, based on data such as year of construction, type and area of the house. It also looked at energy-saving measures that often apply to different types of houses.

However, this provisional label says nothing about your property. When a property is sold, rented or handed over, this is not a valid label.

From 1 January 2021, homeowners will be obliged to submit an energy label when selling or renting their property. This energy label must be prepared using the new standard put forward by the European Union. The new energy label should ensure that the energy consumption of your home is mapped.

What does the residential energy label contain?

The energy label shows how energy-efficient a house is. It is designed to encourage owners to take measures to save energy. There are a number of classes. Energy label A+++++ is very energy-efficient, label G very inefficient.

With an older home, energy-saving measures are usually smart investments. You often earn back the actions quickly and in some cases you are eligible for a grant. In addition, the home becomes more comfortable and environmentally friendly. A more economical energy label can also make your house worth more. You can read more government information on the energy label here.

Energy label provided by Woondokter

To prepare an energy label, an energy performance consultant will visit your home for a recording. The house will be inspected for, for example, the presence of roof, floor and wall insulation, the heating system and glazing. You will also be asked for a number of documents. The recording takes about 1 hour. The findings are processed according to a certain methodology (NTA 8800) and recorded in the energy label.

The cost of the new energy label depends on the content (m3) of your property. You will find a table of costs on the right of this page.

Would you like more information on the energy label or to make an appointment? Then please fill in here your information. You can also use a call back request.

Service from Woondokter scores high rating

Woondokter's clients rate the service with a 9.2. We operate throughout the Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on making your home more sustainable. Besides the option of making an Energy Label, we also offer the following services:

  • WoningPlan: The WoningPlan is a complete and independent energy advice aimed at saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • WoningPlan+: The WoningPlan+ is more comprehensive than the WoningPlan. We then also look at improving living comfort.
  • TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance): During the course of guiding a process, we advise on the possible suppliers, assess the offers and make the best choices together with you. All, of course, independently and in your interest.
  • Consultancy: This service focuses on providing expert and independent advice on the remodelling of your home. This may include assessing quotes from your contractor, installer or architect.
  • Warmteverliesberekening (Heat loss calculation): Before buying a heat pump, it is necessary to know whether it has enough capacity to heat properly even on cold winter days. With our heat loss calculation, you will know exactly that.
  • WarmteScan (HeatScan): With this, we determine where heat leaks are.


House with a volume of up to 500m³€ 349
Surcharge large house (for 100m³ over 500m³)€ 25
Surcharge for Wadden Islands€ 150

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