Improving your home's energy label because of remodelling, financing or rental? Our MaatwerkAdvies will tell you what is feasible.

Het energielabel wordt steeds belangrijker. Als u een huis koopt of verbouwt hangen de hypotheekvoorwaarden en subsidiemogelijkheden af van het (toekomstige) energielabel. Voor verhuurders is het energielabel belangrijk vanwege de toegestane huurprijs. En bij verkoop van een woning telt het energielabel steeds meer mee in de waarde van het huis.

If you want improve your home's energy label, you obviously want to see the options in advance. Which energy label is feasible? And what will it cost to achieve it?

Calculating an energy label is work for specialists. Our advisers are trained and certified for this. With the MaatwerkAdvies, they show you the effect of sustainable measures on the energy label.

Woondokter provides independent custom advice on making your home more sustainable

Zoals alle adviezen van Woondokter is ook het MaatwerkAdvies onafhankelijk. We adviseren over maatregelen zoals isolatie, warmtepomp en zonnepanelen en leggen uit hoe u daarmee het energielabel verbetert. Daarbij laten we zien hoeveel energie u bespaart, wat belangrijk is voor de energiekosten en het milieu.

Is it too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Do you suffer from mould or condensation? If, besides a better energy label and lower costs, you also want to improve the comfort in your home, you choose MaatwerkAdvies+. This is an extension of MaatwerkAdvies, where we also advise on comfort aspects.

MaatwerkAdvies from Woondokter in practice

To draw up a MaatwerkAdvies, we make an appointment for a home survey and advice session. In preparation for the appointment, we will send you a questionnaire in advance. During the home inspection, aspects of the house that are important for the energy label are recorded. Following the home inspection, we discuss the measures with you. Our advice takes into account the possibilities of the house and your objectives.

After the appointment, the energy label is calculated for both the current house and the house after the measures have been implemented. The results of the calculations are recorded in a clear report, which we send to you by e-mail.


If you would like an explanation of the report or to discuss possible alternatives, book an appointment via our online calendar (choose the option Toelichting op MWA).

The advisory report is not yet an official energy label. For that, we have to do a sign-off, and if you have implemented measures, we have to process them. You can order the official energy label from us after the MaatwerkAdvies until 12 months after the report.

Would you like more information on MaatwerkAdvies or to make an appointment? Then please fill in here your information. You can also use a call back request.

Services of Woondokter are getting good reviews

Woondokter's clients rate the service with a 9.2. We operate throughout the Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on making your home more sustainable. Besides the option of making an WoningPlan, we also offer the following services:

  • WoningPlan: Het WoningPlan is een compleet en onafhankelijk energieadvies, gericht op energiebesparing en verlaging van de CO2 uitstoot.
  • WoningPlan+: The WoningPlan+ is more comprehensive than the WoningPlan. We then also look at improving living comfort, and give a multi-year plan for implementation.
  • TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance): During the course of guiding a process, we advise on the possible suppliers, assess the offers and make the best choices together with you. All, of course, independently and in your interest.
  • Consultancy: This service focuses on providing expert and independent advice on the remodelling of your home. This may include assessing quotes from your contractor, installer or architect.
  • Energy label: If you are selling your house, you need an energy label. We can provide this quickly and completely for you.
  • WarmteScan (HeatScan): With this, we determine where heat leaks are.
  • Warmteverliesberekening (Heat loss calculation): Before buying a heat pump, it is necessary to know whether it has enough capacity to heat properly even on cold winter days. With our heat loss calculation, you will know exactly that.


MaatwerkAdvies€ 495
Surcharge MaatwerkAdvies+€ 225
Surcharge large house€ 0,95 per m² if more than 190 m²
Travel costs€ 1,10 per km

* Up to 20 km from our office is included in the prices of the WoningPlan and WoningPlan+. For addresses further away, we charge a fee for travel time and costs. We calculate the distance from our office in Utrecht (postcode 3543) to your address based on the shortest travel distance. The outward and return journeys are calculated separately.

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