Subsidy for making your home more sustainable

The municipality Utrecht and Woerden encourage home sustainability and provide a subsidy on energy advice or related services to homeowners. This also applies to Woondokter's services. If you want more information on this, read on this page or contact us. 

Government subsidies for making your home more sustainable

Under certain conditions, it is possible to get a government subsidy. This applies, for instance, to cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, floor insulation, installing HR++ and triple glazing. The government also offers subsidies for heat pumps, solar boilers and connection to a heat network.

Subsidies are also available for VVEs (Owners' Associations).

View government information on subsidies.

Energy savings loan to finance your home's sustainability

With the Energysavings loan from the National Heat Fund, it is possible to borrow money at a low interest rate to make your home more sustainable. Homeowners with a low income or no borrowing capacity pay no interest at all. You can usually also co-finance the cost of making your home more sustainable through your mortgage..


Municipality of Utrecht

  • The municipality of Utrecht provides the following grants:
  • €300 op het WoningPlan (Energieadvies aan huis)
  • €300 op het MaatwerkAdvies (Energieadvies aan huis)
  • €300 op het WoningPlan+ (Energieadvies aan huis en Duurzaam Meerjaren Plan)
  • 75% van de kosten van TrajectBegeleiding, met een maximum van €450


You apply for the grant to the municipality of Utrecht within 2 years of our advice. The grant will be recognized if you have implemented at least 1 measure of insulation, heat pump or solar panels.

Municipality of Woerden

The municipality of Woerden provides the following subsidy:

  • €270 on the WoningPlan+ (Energieadvies aan huis)
  • €210 on Trajectory Guidance (per measure, till a max. of €420 for 2 measures).


You apply for the subsidy to the municipality of Woerden within 2 years of our advice. The subsidy is granted if you have implemented at least 1 measure of insulation, heat pump or solar panels.

Woondokter is not liable for the accuracy of the information on this page. At all times, you should check with your municipality for any available grants and conditions. Woondokter also cannot be held liable for any grants not awarded by a provider.

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