TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance)

Making your home more sustainable? The step from plan to practice

The WoningPlan or WoningPlan+ has given you a concrete understanding of the measures, savings and investments associated with making your home more sustainable. You have decided for yourself whether you will implement all the measures or start with the most important ones. How do you now make the step from your plans to implementation?

Making your home more sustainable: lack of experience and knowledge can lead to extra costs

Making a home sustainable involves a lot of experience and knowledge. It is not something one does on a daily basis as a residential consumer. In many cases, you need to talk to builders and installers to request quotes. How do you select companies that are knowledgeable, live up to their agreements, provide the right guarantees and have market-based prices? In addition, in certain cases you need to review technical drawings and specifications. This requires knowledge and experience.

Making your home more sustainable, Woondokter's specialists have the knowledge and experience

For the specialists at Woondokter, making homes more sustainable is daily business. Not only in the advisory process, but also in the step from plan to implementation. During TrajectBegeleiding we can support and help you as an independent and objective advisor. Together with you, we look at subsidy possibilities and offers. We have been using our knowledge and experience for clients throughout The Netherlands for many years.

Make your home more sustainable in a smart way? How Woondokter's TrajectBegeleiding works in practice

You have decided which measures you want to implement in terms of making your home more sustainable. Maybe you want to implement all measures, maybe the most necessary or do you want to make your home more sustainable in stages? If you have determined this, we will schedule an appointment. In an initial meeting you will indicate the measures for which you are looking for support. On this basis, we make clear agreements about our commitment during TrajectBegeleiding. With our knowledge of the market we can, for example, select a number of suppliers for you, assess offers and draw up important criteria for the requests for offers. In one or more follow-up appointments, we discuss the offers and advise you on the best choices. All this in close consultation with you and exclusively in your interest.

Depending on the importance, we come on site or discuss matters online. In many cases, we can save travel time and costs by discussing progress online, by email or by phone.

Would you like more information about TrajectBegeleiding or to make an appointment? Then please fill in here your information. You can also use a call back request.

Are you eligible for a grant to make your home more sustainable?

A number of municipalities provide subsidies on Woondokter's advisory services. Read here more about your municipality's grants. In addition to subsidies on our consulting work, there are also government grants and loans for making homes more sustainable. You can find more about these on the website of the Dutch government.

Service from Woondokter scores high rating

Woondokter's clients rate our services with a 9.2. We operate throughout The Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on how to make your home more sustainable.

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