Why Woondokter?

How we differ from other agencies and advisors

You want to make your home more sustainable with greater comfort and lower energy bills, but you wonder how Woondokter stands out from other agencies and advisors? Through a personalised approach, good explanations and independent advice. Here are some elements of our unique approach:

  • We dedicated a lot of time for our visit to you and your home: on average 2 to 2½ hours
  • We make a detailed survey of your home, including installations and dimensions of windows
  • We provide personalised advice based on your goals and living behaviour and the characteristics of your property
  • We produce a comprehensive report: on average 35 to 40 pages explaining the recommended measures
  • We indicate the cost of each measure, including subsidy and energy savings
  • In our WoningPlan+, we focus on energy savings as well as comfort. Think about the temperature in the house in summer and winter and problems such as condensation on the windows, mould on the ceiling or ambient noise
  • In the WoningPlan+ we provide a long-term planning of investments and energy costs
  • Finally, our customers give us high ratings. See here for the reviews
We look forward welcoming you as a Woondokter customer. Make an appointment immediately via the button below or let us know if you have any further questions
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