WarmteScan (HeatScan)

Sagging insulation and construction faults cause heat loss in your home

In older homes, for example, heat can be lost due to sagging insulation. Heat loss can also result from construction defects. Often, it is not visible to the naked eye how and where this heat loss occurs. These heat leaks cause extra heating costs. If you want to effectively preserve your home, these heat leaks will have to be detected in order to address them.

A WarmteScan can detect heat losses in your home

With a WarmteScan, heat losses in your home can be detected. With a special (thermal image) camera, which converts temperature into colours, heat leaks become visible. For a good thermal image, there should be at least 10 degrees difference between inside and outside temperature. And there should be no interference from sun rays or precipitation. Conditions are therefore best early in the morning in winter or when it is cloudy.

De beoordeling van een WarmteScan vraagt om vakmanschap

To make a WarmteScan, setting up the thermal imaging camera and interpreting the infrared images requires skill. The colours on the thermal image cannot simply be translated one-to-one into heat loss from facade or roof. Aluminium, for example, looks very different from brick at the same temperature on a thermal image. Also, translating thermal images into sensible energy-saving measures requires building knowledge.

How the Woondokter WarmteScan works

Woondokter's advisers make an appointment to carry out the WarmteScan. We schedule these appointments between November and March, because for good heat photos, the temperature outside should not exceed 10 degrees. Moreover, it should not rain and there should be no direct sunlight. The shots for an exterior WarmteScan take about 45 to 60 minutes. If we need to take a WarmteScan of both the outside and inside of a house, it will take about 60 to 90 minutes. There is an additional charge for photos of the inside.

Using a professional thermal imaging camera, we take pictures of the outside of your home.  With thermal images, we can use colours to understand, for example, the location of insulation problems, air leaks, thermal bridges as well as moisture problems in the facades or roof of your home.

After the appointment, we will send you a written report with the thermal imaging photos taken and an explanation of where the heat leaks can be found. This will give you an indication of the possible causes of heat loss in your home.

Would you like more information about a Heat Scan or to make an appointment. Please fill here your information. You can also use a call back request. We will then contact you by phone as soon as possible.

Services of Woondokter are getting good reviews

Woondokter's customers rate our service and service with a 9.2. We operate throughout the Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on how to make your home more sustainable. Besides the option of a WarmteScan, we also offer the following services:

  • WoningPlan: The WoningPlan is a complete and independent energy advice aimed at saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • WoningPlan+: The WoningPlan+ is more comprehensive than the WoningPlan. We then also look at improving living comfort, and give a multi-year plan for implementation.
  • TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance): During the course of guiding a process, we advise on the possible suppliers, assess the offers and make the best choices together with you. All, of course, independently and in your interest.
  • Consultancy: This service focuses on providing expert and independent advice on the remodelling of your home. This may include assessing quotes from your contractor, installer or architect.
  • Energy label: If you are selling your house, you need an energy label. We can provide this quickly and completely for you.
  • Warmteverliesberekening (Heat loss calculation): Before buying a heat pump, it is necessary to know whether it has enough capacity to heat properly even on cold winter days. With our heat loss calculation, you will know exactly that.

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– surcharge indoors € 50
– call-out charges < 50km from Utrecht € 40
– call-out charges > 50km from Utrechton request
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