Warmteverliesberekening (Heat loss calculation)

Making your home more sustainable with a heat pump? Get a warmteverliesberekening first

A heat pump is a sustainable solution for supplying hot water and heating your home. There are electric and hybrid installations. A hybrid installation involves a heat pump combined with a gas-fired boiler. In an electrical installation, the heat pump works completely independently. A gas boiler is then not required.

Installing a heat pump significantly reduces energy costs and also reduces CO2 emissions. With a hybrid installation, you cannot go completely off gas. As a result, energy cost savings are smaller and CO2 also reduced less.

How does an heat pump work?

The operation of a heat pump is based on a tube containing a special fluid that extracts heat from the air, soil or groundwater. This fluid transfers heat via a heat exchanger to the heating circuit for hot water supply and heating.

Why is a warmteverliesberekening important before purchasing a heat pump?

Calculating heat losses in advance is crucial for homes that are going to use a heat pump. A heat pump with too little power does not generate enough heat. A heat pump with too much power comes at the expense of efficiency (savings). Both too much and too little power from your heat pump is not good.

A warmteverliesberekening will ensure you purchase the right heat pump, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient home to the maximum.

What are the costs of a heat pump?

The price and installation costs of a heat pump are determined by the type of heat pump. Of a heat pump that only extracts heat from the air, the price is lower than a heat pump that extracts heat from groundwater or the ground. Furthermore, the price is determined by the capacity of the heat pump.

In this respect, a heat loss calculation quickly pays for itself. By accurately calculating the heat loss in advance, you can be sure to purchase the right kind of pump with the right capacity.

How Woondokter goes about preparing a warmteverliesberekening

With a warmteverliesberekening, Woondokter calculates the power required by the heat pump for comfortable living. This takes into account the insulation values, the design temperatures of the indoor rooms, the ventilation system and the mass of the house. The calculation consists of four parts:

  • Transmission loss
  • Infiltration loss
  • Ventilation loss
  • Warm-up surcharge

To make a heat loss calculation, we do not need to visit you. However, we do need some information from you:

  • Architectural drawings of the house: floor plans, views and cross-sections;
  • Insulation values (Rc) of roof, facades and ground floor;
  • U-values or window glass type;
  • Material of the window frames (wood, metal or plastic);
  • Type warmteafgifte per ruimte (vloerverwarming, radiatoren of geen warmteafgifte)
  • Balanced ventilation or not (mechanical ventilation system where supply and return are equal).

The lead time for making a heat loss calculation is about two weeks.

Would you like more information about a heat loss calculation, or to have a heat loss calculation made? Then please fill out here your information. You can also use a call back request.

Service from Woondokter scores high rating

Woondokter's clients rate the service with a 9.2. We operate throughout the Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on making your home more sustainable. Besides the option of making a heat loss calculation, we also offer the following services:

  • WoningPlan: The WoningPlan is a complete and independent energy advice aimed at saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • WoningPlan+: The WoningPlan+ is more comprehensive than the WoningPlan. We then also look at improving living comfort.
  • TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance): During the course of guiding a process, we advise on the possible suppliers, assess the offers and make the best choices together with you. All, of course, independently and in your interest.
  • Consultancy: This service focuses on providing expert and independent advice on the remodelling of your home. This may include assessing quotes from your contractor, installer or architect.
  • Energy label: If you are selling your house, you need an energy label. We can provide this quickly and completely for you.
  • WarmteScan (HeatScan): With this, we determine where heat leaks are.

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