WoningPlan+ goes beyond making your home more sustainable

You are orienting on making your home more sustainable to save energy costs and contribute to CO2 reduction. There is no standard solution for this, as every house is unique. An effective approach therefore requires customisation. As you may have read at WoningPlan page on our website, we can provide this customisation. But besides a well-thought-out WoningPlan to make your home more sustainable, there are other aspects you may want to consider. Aspects best summarised under the heading of living comfort.

In practice, the main focus of sustainability is on reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. If a house is still uncomfortable in the winter, or unbearably hot in the summer, due to making it more sustainable, this is not comfortable. So is noise pollution from outside. Furthermore, poor ventilation can cause mould and condensation in your home. This not only reduces living comfort, but is also bad for your health.

WoningPlan and WoningPlan+, what's the difference?

Woondokter's WoningPlan is a solid basis for making your home more sustainable in a targeted way. The difference between WoningPlan and WoningPlan+ is advice on improving living comfort.

As with the WoningPlan, we make an appointment and come to your home to assess all structural aspects and installations. We also do this using our proven six-step approach.

The six components of the plan are insulation, ventilation, method of heating and cooling. We also include hot water and renewable energy. In case of WoningPlan+, we also include aspects such as condensation, ventilation, air quality and ambient noise.

Following the inventory of your house, we discuss the advice with you. After the appointment, we confirm the advice in a written report. In this report, we describe the measures and explain why we came to this advice. We also indicate the order in which you can implement the measures. At the pace that suits you, of course, but with a clear end goal in mind. Finally, in the WoningPlan+ we provide insight into the financial aspects of the plan.


Would you like more information about the WoningPlan+ or want to make an appointment. Then fill out here your information. You can also use a call back request.

Are you eligible for a grant to make your home more sustainable?

A number of municipalities provide subsidies on Woondokter's advisory services. Read here more about your municipality's grants. In addition to subsidies on our consulting work, there are also government grants and loans for making homes more sustainable. You can find more about these on the website of the Dutch government.

Services of Woondokter are getting good reviews

Woondokter's clients rate the service with a 9.2. We operate throughout the Netherlands and you can count on objective, personal and expert advice on making your home more sustainable. Besides the option of making an WoningPlan+, we also offer the following services:

  • TrajectBegeleiding (Trajectory Guidance): During the course of guiding a process, we advise on the possible suppliers, assess the offers and make the best choices together with you. All, of course, independently and in your interest.
  • Consultancy: This service focuses on providing expert and independent advice on the remodelling of your home. This may include assessing quotes from your contractor, installer or architect.
  • Energy label: If you are selling your house, you need an energy label. We can provide this quickly and completely for you.
  • WarmteScan (HeatScan): With this, we determine where heat leaks are.
  • Warmteverliesberekening (Heat loss calculation): Before buying a heat pump, it is necessary to know whether it has enough capacity to heat properly even on cold winter days. With our heat loss calculation, you will know exactly that.


WoningPlan+€ 595
Surcharge large house€ 0,95 per m² if more than 190 m²
Travel costs€ 1,10 per km

* Up to 20 km from our office is included in the prices of the WoningPlan and WoningPlan+. For addresses further away, we charge a fee for travel time and costs. We calculate the distance from our office in Utrecht (postcode 3543) to your address based on the shortest travel distance. The outward and return journeys are calculated separately.

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